Baby weight at week 35 of pregnancy

Hi mommies please share what was your baby's weight at week 35 and how much did they weigh at birth. Thanks 😊

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I have GD and today's check up the doctor said my baby is 3kg at 35weeks..might need to induce and deliver at 38weeks.. feel nervous and scared now..

1st baby 3.2kg at 35 weeks,born 4kg at 40 weeks 3 days . 2nd baby 3kg at 35 weeks, born 3.4kg at 37weeks..

11mo ago

vaginal delivery for both 😃

Sonographer told me my baby weighs 2.3kg at 35wk4d. I gave birth at 35wk6d & he weighs 2.79kg.

11mo ago

Yes true. Babies born before 37 weeks is considered as pre term babies. Depends actually. I have 2 pre term babies. My girl was born at 36 weeks and she weighs 2.4kg and born healthy. We went home the next day. My son on the other hand, was born @ 35w6d and he weighs normal BUT bcos both our heart rate was high & I had high fever on the day of labour due to infection (my waterbag broke prematurely @ 35w3d & considered as high risk pregnancy), he was put in both NICU & Special Care Nursery for 5 days to be administered with antibiotics. I myself, was warded 9 days but luckily got to go home together with him.


was told baby weight at 35 weeks was 3.5kg. gave birth at 36 weeks baby weight 3.2kg

11mo ago

my baby has no issue so she do not need to be under NICU. when I had contraction at 34 weeks I was given steroid jab to boost the lung. I don't think my baby is pre term her weight is there 😂 my baby discharge together with me.

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My baby boy was born at 40 weeks & weigh 3.2kg.

35 weeks: 3.2kg, born on 39th wk at 3.7kg

my boy born 35.5 weeks at 2.67kg

11mo ago

mine went into nicu for 3 days for some oxygen support and consistency of glucose level checks every feeding till stabilised then discharge.

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35Weeks1Day 2.8kg..

3kg at birth