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What type of rice grains for bb porridge? Bb turning 6 months soon and going to intro solid food to him.

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Whole-grain brown rice, soft cooked to a semi-liquid consistency, is an ideal first food for your baby. In addition to its dietary benefits, the consistency of soft rice is similar to that of milk, is naturally sweet and easy to digest, and rarely related to food allergies.

White rice might be gentler on baby's tummy. You can try either white basmati or jasmine rice.

Brown rice cereal is great for baby first food as it is easily digestable :)

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Normal white rice or brown rice is fine. You can also mix in some oats.

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Basmati is good .. add extra water to cook n mash it before feed


Brown basmati rice is a lovely light rice.

I just used normal white rice

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Hi... you can try brown rice

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We used normal white rice

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