Hi mummies, I everyday cook porridge for my 7 mo old bb. I always use white rice to make. Is it okey bb eat rice everyday?

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At time, you can also try Friso Gold rice-based and wheat-based milk cereals which are rich in important nutrients to ensure your baby has a balanced diet. They are also made with milk powder so they taste more familiar to your baby. The smooth texture eases their first step into eating solids and is easier for little tummies to digest. It’s easy for you too because Friso Gold cereals are prepared the same way as Friso Gold formula – just add water.

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I think it's okay. Asians eat a lot of white rice on a daily basis for the longest time, from childhood. As your child grow older, you can start introducing other forms of starch like pasta, noodles and other kinds of rice. But the mommy above is right, rice is okay as a main source of carbohydrate for baby.

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Porridge should be fine for the baby as it is a much needed source of carbohydrate. You can add different ingredients to vary the taste and balance the nutrition profile. You can also consider using brown rice which is higher in fiber and less processed as compared to white rice.

Yes it is ok for baby to eat rice , infact it is very filling , I always give rice with veggies and a bit of chicken or fish for lunch. You can also give it for dinner as well.

Hey, Yes it is perfectly fine. You can customise the dish by adding various kinds of veggies or fruits as well :)

Use japanese rice or calrose rice. These rice are suitable for baby below 1 yr old.

I also use white rice to cook and my son ate for 1 whole year. I add fish n veg.

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Is baby on 3 meals a day yet? Try to add fruits and veggies to the diet too

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I would add some veggies or proteins like fish/chicken. At least there's balance