What supplements do you take while breastfeeding? Is it a must to take such supplements?

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Docs generally prescribes iron n Cal but its always better to get it by your gync. Do eat healthy lotsa fruits n leafy greens.. eat cal rich food. I used to drink milk with Shatawari Kalpa. It helps in lactation. Happy Feeding..

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I didn't take any for my 3rd pregnancy. I just finish whatever i have on hand thats it. Just have a healthy and balanced diet.

not necessary. as long as you have a healthy and balanced diet. that's the best you can get very your child.

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Not necessary. Just eat healthy . And maybe take some supplement milk


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I'm taking blackmores supplement for breastfeeding

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I still eat calcium, iron and fish oil. :)

Eat healthy then u won't need supplements

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Not a must but it’s advisable.

Blackmores, calcium fish oil