Hi mummies. May I know what supplements do you take / can you take during breastfeeding and why? And can we take collagen drink supplement too? First time mummy wants to try taking supplement as I feel I don't eat enough nutrition food scared affect breast milk. TIA!

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I took blackmores pregnancy & breast-feeding advanced during pregnancy (even before delivery). Gynae say ok.

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Collegen no need so early. Drinks like bird nest etc best effect is 6 months onwards.

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My gynae asked me to take the same multivitamin and fish oil I took during pregnancy

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I'm taking the supplement from guardian for pregnant and breast-feeding mum

I’m taking Blackmores pregnancy and breastfeeding supplements!

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Drink maternal milk and food high in calcium, protein n fibre

Materna milk is crucial during breastfeeding Fish Milk

Calcium , Multivitamin and iron supplements

Calcium, multivitamin and fish oil

Calcium, multivitamins, fish oil