What sport/s would u like your little one to pick up?

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It will depend on her preference. I believe sports in general is all about bettering oneself and building mental resilience apart from the physical aspects of it. So, whatever floats her boat :)


It is not for me go decide what sports my child should take. This will depend on my child’s capability like agility, speed, strength, strategy, balance etc

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She currently does 1. Gym 2. Swimming 3. Ballet Would like her to learn Soccer and be an equestrian

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Swimming as a life skill But I would love for them to learn martial arts and play volleyball in school

Depends on what she enjoys... Currently she does ballet and roller blading which she loves

Swimming as a lifeskill is a must. Others would depend on their interest

Swimming, promotes good posture and instils essential life saving skills

For girls, Netball like mama! For boys, Soccer like papa :)

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Which activity he was more interested.. I just let him do

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Swimming kids will enjoy it .. n make it as a passion too