Birth of little one

How best would u explain to your little one how he/she is made (produced)?

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Came out from the stone! - like monkey king

10mo ago

Haha. Answer your own qn again Pudding Zhang.

Just don’t read them this book whatever the case

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Hi there, you can refer to the following link to teach your kids. In the link there is a short stories that you can use.

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Will show from YouTube I guess LOL

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I would just explain it matter of fact. This is what I tell my 3 year old. Mama and papa are married. We love each other so much and we wanted to have a baby, you - to represent our love. When people are married they have sex. Sometimes when they have sex, the papa ejaculates sperm (looks like a tadpole) and the mama releases an egg (like a chicken) at the same time and those two meet each other and do a mating dance. If they are a correct match - the sperm and the egg, fertilisation occurs and soon a fetus develops in the womb (near my tummy) The fetus becomes a baby- you!

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It seems interesting to learn how to teach kids if such questions they hv asked .. I hv never faced such question but thought it would be soon too 😂

There are story books u can find if you Google:)

Not too sure if it's appropriate (May depend on age) but there's a book which explains how babies are made. Here's the YouTube version read by someone:

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I told her she hatched from an egg like chick 🤣, but somehow she learned that she comes from my tummy cos now I'm having her meimei in my tummy 😆 kids learn even when u didn't explain the details to them

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There are some good Youtube videos that are available for kids.