I need help

What should I do? I'm not in talking terms w my child dad which is my ex anymore.im carrying his child for 10weeks.we didn't meet for 2mths + alr since he broke off with me? He didn't want to meet or talk to me .is he cheated on me or should I go check on him?

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Know your worth and appreciate your blessings. Move on. He isn't worth it. You don't deserve being treated like that. 💖

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Move on

Move on & focus on baby. Easier said than done definitely. Take it one step at a time :)

Move on babe! It’s your child and the focus should be on the child and yourself moving forward

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Best to move on

Probably best to move on

Pls talk to him

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Personally I feel if he doesn't care then you should make a clean break with him. Do surround yourself with family and friends and seek their opinions on this. Take care!

IMm sorry to hear that but I think you should move on! That’s what I did too. The jerk forced me into abortion, and thank god I didn’t

2y ago

But I really hope we get better.and I can communicate with him .I'm only 23this year.