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Any mummy has sole custody and care and control of the child. I do have. Wat i want to ask is, my ex husb hasnt seen the child for 3yrs. Now my child is 4yrs. Every month he gives maintenance. On and off he will ask me sent pic of my son. Do you sent pic if ur ex husb ask? Only my ex mil n ex sil every month once or two month once they will meet up with me n my son for lunch. My ex husb doesnt bother. Till now my son doesnt know who is the father.

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If he asks for the child's photo means he still concern and miss the child. By looking at the child's photo he knows how is the child getting on. For what reason he doesn't want to meet, you may have the answer. My 2 cents worth is you should send the child's photo to him.

I feel you. I’m in a similar situation as you. The father don’t care but at least the grandparents make the effort in meeting up with the kids. I won’t send the kids picture to them. If he really wanna see them, he could easily just asked to arrange a meetup.

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Don’t send photos to him