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We finally divorced. My ex hus msg me yesterday that he transfered the $ for child maintenance. He asked me when can he meet the child. My f ex husb who never bother to come n see the child for 2 years. Now he wants to see the child. My child is 3 years old. I m concern how my child going to react wen he going to meet someone. What do i need to take note, becareful. Its a neutral meet up place aggreable. Pls help

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Sorry, is your child under your custody and what did the Order state? Any restrictions on you ex-husband to the child? Please ensure you follow the Order otherwise you may be in trouble. Don't tell him your child's where about, ie daily schedule, his childcare centre, enrichment class, if any. Meeting place at public place with crowd not void deck. Ask someone to accompany if possible and next-of-kin know when and where meeting him.

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He is granted twice a month for 2hrs to see e child with supervised visitation. Thats all.

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I’m a child of divorce and I know how ugly it can get. I know I’m not really in any place to advise, but try not to talk bad about your husband to your child. It’s good to let your child form their own opinions about their father. It’s hard growing up without both parents so it’s good to have him involved in your child’s life. Even if it’s 2 years too late.

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Father and child bonding is always important even in divorced family. Since your child has not seen his Father for sometime, it might be good to limit visit to half an hour or an hour. Find a very neutral place where you can be present and if needed, you can go to your child ASAP. A public open place would also help minimise a meltdown.

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Have someone with you as well... a close friend or someone you trust definitely in a public area or in current situation and u cant be in public area, have the close friend or person with you even in your own home, but make sure you have a cc tv or some kind of recording just in case

I think it’s fine to let your child have a bond with your Husband but I would be very cautious in the early days and make sure that you are around during all visitation, since your ex Husband hadn’t seen his kid for the last two years

Be safe. Maybe get someone to tag along. In public area. Not void deck or meeting late evening. Or go who n who house. 1hr the most. And told him not always you can meet the child. Don't tell him where the child child care is etc.

Dear mum, I would suggest that do not let these discussions and situation affect your child's precious moment. Please try your best if your child can enjoy all the parental moments.

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Better to b safe n take public area .. don’t know what is in his mind n can’t u ask him what’s the sudden reason to meet him .. n is everything will b alright with him

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Did you probe why the sudden request to meet? Even if it is public, I will be mindful and might get another adult to come along and stay tgt with your child at all time.

It would be good for your husband to meet the child. What's the worse that could happen here?