do I have the right to be angry?

my husband doesn't get me gifts for special occasions (I used to fight w him over this many times and he still doesn't get me anything for valentines day and wedding anniv), he also doesn't ask about me or even talk to me much, we sleep in separate rooms currently as we have two kids who can't sleep together so we hardly meet too which is funny since we live together, even when we are alone he is just on his phone and doesn't attempt at any conversation. he is a quiet person but he has no problem texting in group chats with his friends. since I became pregnant with my 2nd, I haven't felt much love from him. he doesn't buy me tonics or push present. is our marriage over? should I end it or continue since he is a good father who is hands on and provides for them financially.

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My husband doesn't buy gifts for me either. He thinks it's a waste of money. He's always on his phone all the time too playing games. He likes going out to meet colleagues and friends sometimes I get mad too. But I know he loves me a lot and cares for me. He'll help out if I ask him to. Since the beginning I make sure we get to hug and kiss good night daily and I'll ask for a hug or a kiss before he goes out too. He pays for our food when we eat outside and buys me my favourite food sometimes and that's good enough for me.

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Super Mum

What was he like before you had kids? Why did you marry him? If his personality / character is the same as now, then you cannot expect him to change to suit you without good reasons. To me, presents / gifts are not meaningful to judge your level of love or that marriage is over. Think and discuss with hubby what you both want and need from your marriage. Compromise accordingly

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Expectations tend to lead to disappointments so best to set it right. My wife initially didn't like that I never posted anything of her on social media until she realised I never posted anything at all to begin with.

Super Mum

Btw, I don’t think you have right to be angry with him but you are right to think that you need to discuss your expectations and compromise with each other.


communication is very important try have a date out. open up and talk about it.

I think is love language!! Need to understand and compromise

Sorry to hear this

Try counselling