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What’s the perfect age GAP between kids?

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As per science - Close birth spacing — conceiving less than half a year after delivery — increases the risk of preterm birth, low birth weight and fetal death. A study published earlier this year found that women who waited at least 18 months had the lowest rates of premature birth. So conceiving 18 months post birth - ie nearly 2 1/2 year age gap and more is ideal. :) In our family we are planning for a 4 year age gap- as my Daughter can assist me with the baby and feel less jealous

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Just from the point of view of having two kids, I quite like the age gap between my two kids, which is 3 years. They still play together but I had enough time inbetween to enjoy both kids when they were babies.

1 year because I have an older sis which is 1 year older than me, and we're like the bestest of friends ever! I can't imagine my life without her honestly.

3 to 4 years if you are planning 4 years later to give birth to another baby and if you are not planning 4 years later then best is 2 to 3 years age gap

It's really up to family and your life, but typically 2-4 years can be great so they grow up almost together (and later you will have a baby sitter!)

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Don’t think there’s ever going to be a perfect age per se... each stage and age pose different challenges in addition to a new sibling 🙊

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For me, 4 years apart is good enough.. Elder child can understand instructions well while you taking care the younger.. :)


i think under 3 years. that way the kids can still entertain each other. and older one is a litte more independent. à

Mine are all spaced 2 years apart. But i think 3 years might be a better gap for them to appreciate their siblings