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what is the ideal age gap between two kids?

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My first gerl is 12 yo, 2nd gerl is 7 yo. which is 5yrs apart. now pregnant with a boy which will be 7yrs apart from his sister.

I would prefer 3 -4 years apart

My firstborn was now 12 years old and now I'm preggy with second one. So is 12 years gap is by fate one la. Not all ppl will heng heng get kid right after the time they want.

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My elder son is 15 year old this year and I am pregnant for 3 mths , is all unplan. Most important is bb is healthy

2-4yrs...sadly mine was only 2yrs gap

Preferably 3 years apart

Around 3 years

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i think 2-3 yrs old is perfect 💓

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Between 2 to 3 years age gap is ideal

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Highly debatable. Heh. But I’m very happy that my 2 kids (3 yrs apart) are close enough to play together and yet have an age gap wide enough such that I can sometimes leave my elder one to do her own thing while I feed/take care of the younger one

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