Husband/Wife age gap

Is there an age gap between you and your partner?

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Yep, my husband and I have a 13 year age gap. Luckily for both of us, people have commented that he looks young and handsome (to which I often make a face, which annoys him). We bicker and argue like children, so I would say he is still pretty childish for his age. I wouldn't say older men are definitely more mature. It depends on the man himself. My ex who was 3 years older than me was very mature and logical in his thinking, more so than my husband.

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my birthday is 23/3/1991 husband's is 8/5/1991 only 2 weeks apart and i am older. since we have so many things in common, he'd say that I was copying him, then I'd reply that he was the one that copied me since I was born 2 week earlier than him. 🤣😂 it is just our inside jokes. But thank God I am a petite size, so I don't look exactly my age. 🤭

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Six months! We were raised in similar conditions, watched the same tv programs growing up, listened to same bands! We have some good time discussing this stuff! And, we frown upon the people who don't fit in our value system together!(It is a harmless exercise that we carry out off and on)

Hubby's 11 years older than me. I never feel the age difference. He's cool. I guess that's what you get when you marry a rock star wannabe. lol. It's just so exciting how he tells me about the trending and amazing stuff before I was born.

Yes. 3 years. Hubby is 3 years younger. Having said that, his thinking isn't childish and in fact, he is more mature than me. Surprisingly. Age is never the issue so long as your love and understanding is there.

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6mo ago

Agree with you! it's not an issue

I'm 5 years older than my husband. We still find it a bit difficult to compromise because of different perspectives in life. Not sure though if it's really the age or it's just how we were brought up as individuals.

Results are certainly mixed. If you look to bollywood culture, there are plenty of surviving pairs. Don’t let an age gap bug you if you’re attracted, you get along, and you’re basically on the same page.

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i'm one year older than him, very childish because his mom was in the states when he was 9 and i believed that he's looking for a mother-figure like. I'm older that's why i need to understand SOMETIMES :)

Me 21 my husband is 30, mas ok nayung mas matanda sayo kase kaya kang alagaan kesa sa kasing edad mo nga pababayaan ka naman😏 I'm so blessed kase siya naging asawa ko❤️ hnd tamad

my husband is 60 and im 31 yrs old and .. 29 yrs gap pero masaya kami we have 1 daugther and coming soon baby boy :) sabi nga nya 26 lang daw xia .. hahaha