Weekends are meant for family day, to look forward to. For me, I do not. As much as I want it to be happy, I'm not. Hubby always throws tantrum on weekends cus he jus want to slp, have peace, kids well behaved. But life is never perfect. I am tired. I wake up many times at night feeding my newborn, attending to him, while he sttn with my toddler. Yet he always shows a blackface, shouts, ignore me, rude to me, shout at my toddler when he misbehaves instead of talking nicely. On weekdays he works so I do not even expect him to help me with anything at night and let him slp. On weekends, when we go out, he just wants to faster go home n slp. And when toddler misbehaves he gets into a very nasty mood which last the whole day, sometimes it spans thru 2 weekends. Tat includes cold wars ignorance rudeness n tantrum throwing n blackface. When we finally reach hm, he scolds toddler to slp. Toddler doesn't. Toddler took quite some time to slp. He shouted. Toddler cried. I consoled toddler while attending to my newborn and told toddler in a nice manner to take a nap. He nap thereafter. Toddler n him finally sleeps. Or I shud say toddler finally sleeps since the hubby had alr slept and turn his back away ignoring us since the shouting episode. Baby cries I attended. Fed, changed diaper, cried, sooth to slp, still doesn't. Baby cried loudly but the man still asleep. I have yet to even close my eyes for barely 5mins. But there was Facebook log in and whatsapp last seen. He was awake. Didnt bother to help. Layed in bed. I cried. Why? Why can't I have jus a little help? It feels so lonely that I'm alone managing a newborn while the man happily sleeps his afternoon away and still complain he's tired. I've seen so many husbands of my friends being so nice, so patient so tolerant. Why isit that I always have to be walking on mines everyday and ensure that everytime is perfect? I'm so tired and sad. Are all husbands like this?

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Hi big hugs to you! It really is not easy for any mommy. And I may be wrong but majority of the men are like your husband, selfish and lazy to help out. Their notion of helping out is to play with the baby only as if baby is a toy. Have you told him about all your frustrations? Tell him how unhappy you are and that this cannot continue. You must make him understand this is very serious and he needs to improve. They will t change completely I can tell you that. They can only enhance their behaviour. If he doesn't help out then the very least is he should not show black face and throw tantrum. I also think my friends' husbands are very nice very domesticated helping out with housework. My husband used to sleep until lunch time on his off days and did not bother to help me with baby. I had many quarrels and talks with him. He even sneaked out to catch movie with his friends when I was doing confinement. But I can say after several communications and of course me throwing fits of anger at times he has become better but still need constant reminder at times. It depends if your husband want to listen and compromise. You will really need to show him his behaviour is affecting you very badly. Take care

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