Toddler keep wake up in the night

Hi mummies. My toddler is 20months now. He sleep at 10pm (after rolling here n there haha). After he slept he will wake up n cry. I try to pat him but can't he just keep crying. So I make a little milk for him. Then he ok. After few hrs. He wake up again. Crying. Pat also doesn't help. So I make a little milk again ( each feed he need cry 5-10mims then want to drink). Is it normal for a toddler wake up 2 times in the night at this age? Is tiring as I'm working the next day. Any tips ? Thanks

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is he over excited during day time? or either he is hungry? usually when my daughter (15 months) start rolled during midnight, I will immediately prepare the milk and feed her when she is not awake, and then she can sleep thru the night, hope this helps you. (if midnight wake up and cry my mum always say is too excited during day time, we try to don't make him too excited/scared during day time, and now is fine!)

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4y ago

I not sure is he hyper in the afternoon as he is with nanny. he alr been like this for a few months. arghh. 😖😖

Sound exactly like my daughter. She going to be 2yrs old nxt month but still haven't sleep through the night. I still making her milk at night and she drank abit and doze off and wakeup cry again. Faint.

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sa amin po tawag nyan "saring"! kpag over playing or crying po ang bata bago matulog. i think ang kailangan nya po b4 sleeping is marelax muna xa like story telling or sing him a lullaby

4y ago

oh ic ok. yap 😄 thanks


my girl is currently 19 months going 20. she still wakes up 3 hourly for milk not yet sleep through the night.

Yes , my 20 months old would cry for milk too . Either once or twice