Toddler throwing things on purpose

How do you deal with your toddler throwing things on purpose? My 2 year old knows he isn't allowed to throw my iPhone or iPad but deliberately throws them almost on a daily basis and happily tells me he threw them. I tried talking to him nicely and beating his hand but he still persists...Im just exasperated.. I don't even bother giving him much of a reaction now...

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I'd agree with Roshni on this! There can be many reasons why he's throwing things, sometimes it's just to seek your attention, sometimes it's solely because he is practicing motor skills. What you can do is to talk to him at his eye level (meaning squatting down to his level and maintaining eye contact) and tell him why he's not allowed to throw these things eg. because it's dangerous if they break and they're valuable items (try not to make expensive = valuable, but more of what it means to us like how his favourite toy is valuable) so we should cherish it. The next step you should do (after refusing it) would be to put those items away AND give him alternatives. Let him play with his toys, show him what he can throw (eg. soft toys, balls) so he doesn't feel limited or frustrated :) After which, just reinforce the idea and NOT make any huge reactions when he does throw what he's not supposed to.

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tell him that balls are for throwing, and play together! phones are for talking, and let him make calls, even if it's pretend play. also, try not to let your phone be easily available to him :) my toddler will throw anything that I say don't throw cause he likes seeing the reaction from me. so I try my very best to not tell him what not to do, but what he can do.

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I make it into a joke and laugh with her about it. So when she throws my handphone, I start grabbing other things to throw, especially balls and distract her. I don’t make a big deal about it and so she doesn’t do it again cause I had no reaction.

keep breakables and valuable things away from him. leave soft toys so he can throw them around and not hurt anyone or himself. it's a phase, eventually they grow out of it especially when they realize you are not interested

First, keep them out of reach. If they keep doing it throw other things so they think it's a game, then put these things closer to the floor so they hopefully throw these instead

Maybe he is seeking attention? Keep those devices away from him, and engage him in interesting activities

Take those devices away from him. He has to understand consequences.