I'm fed up with my Husband.

I'm fed up with my Husband. He is not working this month as he is waiting to start a new job in jan. Everyday he is at home feeling bored and tired. Daytime he just watched his TV and night time when all goes to bed, he is on his phone playing games n reading stomp etc. He doesn't play much with our toddler. Even when she is sick n I have difficulties trying to feed the screaming toddler medicine, he is just sitting there stuck to his TV!! I do everything in a rush always, having my meals, taking a shower n even pooing! Once, I was in the showers n I heard our baby crying. I quickly rush out n see him laying beside crying baby but he is on his phone! I asked why he didn't pick her up, his reply was he doesn't know what she wants and she is too fragile. This is our second baby and he still feels he can't handle a newborn! I feel like screaming at him where is his Father instinct and that he is a lousy Father!!! I often chided him that he always feel tired because he spent his night reading useless news on his HP while everyone is asleep! N he doesn't nothing meaningful in the daytime!

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find what affects him the most. my husband likes to play his games too and I hide his phone till he's done with the chores. when he wants to play his computer, I'll hold a water jug over the CPU if he doesn't stop. I even break things in the house, threaten to leave with or without the baby to try and get my point across many times. even if he screams, ignore. silence is the best way to get back at them. no point screaming back and forth. my husband is the best husband now and I'm so proud because (although extreme) he's a way more involved father. sorry but I'm not trying to promote domestic violence here. I'm quite a hot head too and I don't tolerate uselessness. :)

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Been there before too and still undergoing the same problem with my Husband but less severe. It took me several times of communication , temper and quarrel sessions at times before he improved. You need to talk to him very seriously about how he is making you feel . Give him another few months and when baby is more interactive and less fragile he may become better. I know my husband did improve over the months. But he still sleeps late and wake up late. Men are selfish. You wanna change them , it will be hard . Can only improve

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Haha mine still play computer games... baby can be lying next to him wanting attention but his attention is on his computer screen. Sometimes ask him help to get ready before we go out then he will only be on his phone. How to change like that.. talk already also no use...

I feel your frustration because at least he should have help out with housechores if he is not hands on with the kids. Confiscate his remote control and ask him to focus on helping out in the day since the TV is distracting him from committing to his family.

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Maybe that's a good reason not to have anymore baby if this is the kind of "队友" (partner) you have.. Some guys will never learn how to parent. Some may do it better when the kid is older. Perhaps he will be able to interact with the older kid?

I must say men are brainless and blockhead. U must list out one by one, step by step, what a Father should do in different situations. Try talking nicely to him first?

I'm sure you are not the only one. Hahaha. Please have a talk with him. Maybe split the roles. And allocate time to take turn. In that way no need to play the pushing game.

Mine too. Play hp rather than slp. Then go n complain to his dad he insufficient slp. His dad came n accuse me for nt letting him slp. Guess that's y father's day not as popular.

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Guess the fruit doesn't fall too far from the from the tree. Rotten tree and rotten fruit.

Speak to him, and be specific what help you need from him

Me too. Sometimes he is like that. Men...=sigh