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Hi mummies,i just gave birth and i have a toddler with me,while my toddler is quite easy to handle,i can't seem to say the same as my newborn. The problem is,he sleeps so well in the living room but doesn't seem so in the bedroom. We have a/c on and he sleeps in his crib but every 30 mins he will be awake. Fed him and he went back to sleep only to wake up again 30 mins later. He sleeps well on the bed but we can't sleep with him cause my toddler is sleeping with us and its crowded as we sleep on a queen size bed. Please give me some tips on how to let him sleep comfortably on his crib#pleasehelp #advicepls

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maybe his crib mattress gather heat when he is sleeping so he wakes up whenever his back feel warm. above is my own experience to share with you