Hi mummies, my LO is coming to 3 mths, and i realised he tend to scream n cry when he is tired and want to slp comfortably... So we will carried him in diff positions till he slp and it become a habits that he always wan pple to carry and when u tried to put him down on his cot sometimes, he will cry... How to stop this and make him slp better? Grandparents always see him cry and will wan to keep on carry him.. Yest was the worst, he keep on and off scream and cry and refused to slp properly the whole day, imagine a LO wif no nap at all.. Seriously need help on tt! :(

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Rock him to sleep..imagine u r a human swing now and shh shh(white noise) him to sleep near his ears. He might be overtired thats y it is difficult to get to sleep. Try to fix a schedule for him to nap in the day and nighttime sleep. It works well for me after trying many ways of soothing him. Or check if he is drinking well and is he crouching himself like he's having colic or tummyache? They r feeling insecure at this stage which i have experienced it myself before. Took me about 1 month + to change this habit. They will need lotsa cuddling. Look for cue that he is tired before he starts to cry and scream like rubbing of eyes or impatient when playing. Do not try to put him down on his bed immediately after he doze off and most importantly..they can feel if ur anxiety and if u r losing your patience so stay calm always. I had the same worry when grandparents tend to carry immediately when they cry but its their way of seeking attention and love. Glad that they have somebody to shower them lotsa love. That's how i overcome rather than stopping them. It's part and parcel of motherhood..thats what my friends always encourage me to hang on and enjoy the process coz they grow up too fast..soon the wouldnt want us to carry them anymore =) Stay calm and be patient

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Actually I don't know if any of the things the parents above suggested will work because every baby is different. My baby needs to be carried to sleep too or in the baby carrier or ting sling but if he is only with my mil he can sleep w patting on the butt. It might be teething or growth spurt that cause a more fussy baby. A general rule is that baby need to be put to sleep abt every 2-3 hr of wake time. If got nap then at night not that bad. I use pacifier too

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hmm.. not sure if you will find this helpful. My friend introduced pacifier to help her baby learn to self soothe. Then, she establish a new sleep routine which involved cleaning gums, a quick wipe down of the baby, and singing or telling him a bedtime story to change his sleep association. Took awhile, but at least he no longer needed to be carried to fall asleep.

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Seems like you may want to consider teaching your lo to self soothe. His self soothe method to fall asleep is by people carrying him. You may want to try and. Put him. Down. When he. Is. Drowsy. Afterwhich he will cry, then stand next to him and assure him with your voice and hands. Do not pick him up immediately. Use a timer to monitor.

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It is hard but u have to enforce not carrying too frequently. As child grows and becomes more dependent on carrying to sleep, u will find yourself easily tired. Might want to consider putting him on bed and patting him for reassurances and let him fall asleep.

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Yup. Starting like that one. The time drops after a while to max 10 min. Then woohoo... U have 2 hours at least to spend "me" time

hav u try to change position ur lo sleeps in..or maybe let ur lo hug a pillow.another way i have tried is pretending to sleep with my baby and once my baby sleep i get up to do chores if theres no chores i sleep with my baby..