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We are having our first ever “Ask the Expert” Series! The expert who will be answering your questions is Gayle Tan, Women’s Wellness Coach, Certified STOTT Pilates instructor and Precision Nutrition, as well as Mum of one. Take this chance to have your burning questions answered—leave your questions in the comments below. Topic: How Do You Make Peace With Your Newly Postpartum Body? Date: Wednesday, 18th December 2019 Time 8.30pm - 9.30pm

Ask the Expert Series
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Ok I'm embarrassed to say this, but I have been leaking every time I sneeze or laugh. What should I do?

2y ago

Don’t be! This is an issue many women have after pregnancy or childbirth, but it’s not talked about widely. Incontinence is a frustrating condition to have, and can cause inconvenience to your life. You can try pelvic floor exercises to see if your condition improves, but I will recommend seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist to do a proper check.

How do you respond when everyone comments that you still look pregnant after giving birth?

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My daughter-in-law recently had a miscarriage. When can she start exercising or exert herself?

2y ago

Hi Mama! Thank you so much for reaching out here. It's wonderful that you are seeking ways to be supportive for her. She needs it. There are a number of factors in play here, and it will be best to go with what her doctor prescribes. Her doctor's recommendations will vary depending on how far along she was, if they happen to know the reason for miscarriage, if there was any procedure done to aid in the process, and/or what they've detected with her structurally as a result. Otherwise, she might be able to start off with stretching exercises and light walking to gauge how she feels.

I have a LOT of hair fall and it's affecting my self esteem. Will it ever grow back?

I don't know where my pelvic floor is. How do you tell if you are doing Kegels correctly?

2y ago

The pelvic floor is like a hammock extending from your pubic bone to your tailbone. Now, inhale and imagine your hammock rising up in the middle, and exhale to let it relax. Can you feel a slight contraction deep inside?

Who is my best support network to help me come to terms with my postpartum body?

What's the recovery period where I can expect my body to be at the 'new' normal?

I had a natural delivery with no complications. How soon can I start exercising?

how can i strike a balance between eating enough to nourish my baby, yet not over eat?

2y ago

That’s a great question. Your body has been through a lot with 40 weeks of pregnancy, and now that you are breastfeeding, you are also the main source of nutrients for your baby. The general recommendation is to consume an additional 450 to 500 calories when breastfeeding. It is important not to restrict your food intake at this moment, and you should focus on eating the right macronutrients. These few tips might help you: 1) Eat protein with every meal or snack - Protein is filling, satisfying and vital to maintaining a healthy body. 2) Eat a serving of fruits of vegetables or fruits with every meal - they are low in calories but are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They fill you up, but with all the good stuff! 3) Make sure you can still dance after you eat - focus on eating till you are no longer hungry, and stop before you get all stuffed up. :)

What is generally the weight increase that one should maintain post delivery ?