Just want to rant. My husband is so childish and stingy. He was asking me if he needs to take away for my mum, then i said my mum got cook, if he wants then just buy some steamed bao for her as she likes those. And my husband said its unfair for him to buy as the food my mum cooks is not eaten all by himself, why he has to buy the bao for my mum? Then he criticises me for going out for meals with him using the rewards + cash from my credit card where he always pay using his own cash! He is kinda person that never bring me to fancy restaurant, and less than 5 times a year! Even on my birthday or his birthday, I am the one treating him. I just said if he wants can just buy some bao for my mum and he said me like tat?? Said me treating him unfair! I never have a meal more than $50 with him. Never go to fancy restaurant with him and he never gift me anything on my effort of giving birth and anniversary. I am so much upset, and now he blocked me in his Whatsapp!!!

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Hi there. May I know why and how u married him in the first place if he has been so stingy all the while? If he has been like that or somewhat like that Ll the while then I think it is due to his upbringing and some deep-seeded mentality he has about money which will be v v difficult to change - maybe only through lots of counseling and advice or maybe some life changing event. A person's willingness to give away or share authority of his money most of the time is not related to how other pple may be generous or open towards them. It can be 2 independent event. So u need counseling and some talking and slow change in environment and mindset - find a counselor if things get out of hand If it has been a behavior of late, could there be something that trigger his behavior to be more protective of his assets? Maybe he feels threaten in someway at work or at home so he is like that and clings onto his security v tightly? It may sound strong to us who are more generous but we are as strange to them too

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2y ago

I agree with you. I also have a "stingy" husband I used to complain and demand him to treat me meals or something like that which only makes me feel guilty afterwards. I soon realised that maybe he had bad experiences financially in the past that makes him very tight when it comes to spending. So now, of course if he's making an effort to bring me out for a dinner, expensive or not I made it sure to appreciate and thank him afterwards.

I dun understand, he was the one who asked if he needs to get anything for your mum isn't it? Then y is he complaining that it is unfair that he needs to buy? Side note, will he buy anything for his own parents? I will stop gg fancy restaurant with him, not gg to treat him... let him have a taste of his own medicine. I will be very angry if hb block my whatsapp. Sorry if I sounded vindictive but I will block him from any of my social media account too.

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Oh dear, you must be deeply hurt and frustrated. I hear you. Its good that you are ranting, it will help a wee bit. Nithing i say can ease the way you are feeling. However from what i hear, i suggest you and him need to talk and you need to tell him what you are feeling and what his actions has caused you to feel. Otherwise perhaps marriage counseling.

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6y ago

There are free counselling as well. The nearest FSC to your place would provide.

Really childish.... Once my colleague said his wife told him: you marry me for what if you not even going to spend some money on me. Marry yourself can le. So he ends up feeling guilty. I didn't use it for my husband but I jokingly always ask for gifts which he also refuse 🙄

I am facing almost the same problem as you. he is very stingy to my parents. I know how you feel totally. hugs... for the sake of our kids.. we must stay strong. cannot let men affect us.

6y ago

buck up!

Woahh. Argueing is normal.. you need to learn to communicate better as husband and wife... But till block u in whatsapp? Indeed he is childish, sorry to say that.

6y ago

yeah. and he is not young anymore


Husband block wife on wa, that's lame. How old alr, why his thinking like small kid, i friend u i don't want to friend u..

lol what block you? so childish.. but yeah try ask him why he's acting that way

Mayb talk nicely to him ask him why he feels so.

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Blocking games is damn Childish really. Zz