My relationship with my hubby turn sour now. I have been reject him as I feel tired to handles 3kids myself. He help abit but most of the time on his iphone. He sleep seperate with me as my kids take turn to fall sick and from thereof he sleep with my daugther most of The time in kiddo room and my eldest one with me or grandma. He take it seriously and will black face to me when I reject him. To one point I said you always like that and I regret to married him. It is kind of frustrated that he didn't help (in the house like master). He don't even offer to buy foods to family over the weekend. He didn't like my mum coz my relationship with his parents turn sour when they bring in my Sister in law to create trouble at the house. He kind of know that they are at fault but he cannot accept my mum. My mum have been cooking for family and help with children after school. He anything not happy just scold my eldest Son. I feel tired. I ignored him most of the time and think positive that as Long as the kids grown up and it will be better for everyone. My mum currently training my 19 months in school and going transition to full day childcare and she will be back to Indonesia. My mum no need to see his black face so often and she is actually can don't care my kids but she is still helping me. I just want to rant. No matter how angry I was in the past with my in laws. I never do that to old folks. He can don't talk to me for weeks. Then when he need me, he will pretend like small kids. Jia you to myself. I feel really married to wrong man.

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I can totally feel you as I been though it myself. However, I am a little luckier as my husband choose my kids and myself over his parents to go marriage counselling with me. Things do move smoothly for us now although there is still time we fight. Do you still love him? Apart not doing housework, do you think he still care for the kids? Are you willing to let the kids grow up in a family without a Father figure? If any of the answers are positive, I suggest to look for third party to help to improve the communication. I was all ready to divorce when we meet the marriage Counsellor but change my mind after listening to what he shared. A breakdown in a marriage is an issue between the two. Take some time to talk about it if you still think this marriage is worth fighting for.

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6y ago

How do you get the marriage counsellor? Private? Can give me? I want to save my marriage but most of the time because of his Man chauvinist end up he choose silent. I have 3 kids and eldest one is 8 yo. My Husband role is to send him to school every morning and my family all at Indonesia. I don't know If I can stand alone myself in Singapore. Financially I am fine and better. He is in debt due to he is addicted to play share. He never listen to me so far and want to do things on his own way. I struggle a lot until my mum come and help me. She is training my youngest one in childcare and going home on and off next year. I would say I am not happy to be with him after so many drama. My heart sink but really no way to amend the relationship. Even household expenses, he will try to escape. If we don't cook, he will try to escape and not to buy for us. I am the one always run up and down for family. Exhausted and tired. My parents fully aware of the situation and respect me and for sake o