Ask the Expert: unconscious emotional traumatising

We hope everyone has been safe and well, during this period ? . For this Ask the Expert Session, the topic will be about 'How normal Asian parenting habits can inflict long term issues on children'. . Our Expert, Christine Wong: Founder &; Principal PsychoTrauma Coach for Rhemaworks International Pte Ltd, will be answering your questions all about asian parenting habits and cabin fever. . Don't forget to leave your questions in your comments section for Christine to answer!

Ask the Expert: unconscious emotional traumatising
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Looking forward to it! I am a father of 2 and very curious of how to better parent. My question is around anger issues and am I able to be a loving and gentle father to my children despite having anger issues?

2y ago

When one has anger issues, there is an unhealthy self concept within. When a parent has an unhealthy self-concept, they do not have a clear idea of who they really are. Their anger is associated with old experiences the parent may have as a child. When a parent is not clear of their own identity, it is not possible for the parent to see their child's identity clearly. For e,g: are you my child or are you me? this will be the parent's internal confusion. When a parent fails to see their child's real identity, the child is also confused of " who am I"? "Am I me? or am I my father?" With this confusion, it will affect the child's life deeply.