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Do u think it's alright to do my 1st check up at 9 weeks? Then skip the next few check ups till 16 or 20 weeks? This my 2nd pregnancy. I'm wondering if any mummies here has PCOS & preg or ever preg? My 1st check up next Tues however I am praying that all is gd cos my gynae said PCOS pregnancy is a risk.

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Nope, especially during 1st trimester should be monitored closely. And your gynae should also prescribe you some supplement when you enter your 2nd trimester at week 12. So please follow up regularly with your gynae ok.

I wouldn’t think it’s alright leh to skip so many checkups, my friend? Should need to monitor n make sure baby is growing well esp during first trimester? My Sister has PCOS, went through 2 pregnancies alright?

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Nvr skip any check up. It is for your well being and baby's. Once a month is the normal till ard 34 wks then it will be biweekly

It’s advisable you follow ur regular check ups rather than skipping few. I had mild PCOD, both my pregnancies were risk free.

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No.. dont skip. Doctor can monitor the growth and inform u if there is anything

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There’s Down syndrome testing at w12 n anatomy scan at w20 I think?

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For all is it? my 1st checkup for this pregnancy will be with Parkway East then gonna switch the rest of check up to NUH. My 1st time at NUH.

Good to go regularly to be on track

Best to have regular check

Wah. I thk better not

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It's best not to skip