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Hi mommies.. Just to ask my appointment is on the 14 Dec meet the doc and im 14 weeks pregnant by then and my next ultrasound will be on 25 jan which i already 20 weeks pregnant by that time.. issit ok if on 14 dec i request to do ultrasound to check on my baby? Cause my last scan when i was 9 weeks pregnant.. can any mommies do a check up at KKH advise me please cause this is my 1st pregnancy and im worried much if my baby if fine or not..

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yes you may but there might be a chance your doc will ask you first if there is anything that is worrying you about your baby? if nothing serious then nope. also too much ultrasound is not a good sign/not a definite answer if your baby is well. however, doc will check baby’s heartbeat on your 14th week. usually if u opted for FTS you’ll have an ultrasound on 12th week of your pregnancy. if not you’ll have to wait for your 20th week ultrasound.

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Hello! Generally for private gynae, we have scans every 4 weeks for normal pregnancies. If you do feel anxious (and it's totally fine, valid and normal), do talk to your gynae about it. I did request for closer monitoring (sometimes less than 4 weeks even) because of prior history. Your mental health is important and you wouldn't want to spend the weeks worrying! Take care! 💕

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