Weight Gaining during Pregnancy

I am 6 months pregnant but seems like not gaining weight. The last check and doctor said baby is doing good, nothing much for me to worry. I only gain like 1 kg from pregnancy till now. My next check up is this Thursday and should I highlight this to my gynae? The next check is for GD. I am concerned on my weight tho. Any advice?

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I didnt gain weight too during my pregnancy too. But my baby grew well in my tummy and came out heavy. Dont worry mummy! That is one thing you dont have to worry after you give birth 😉 take care!

Even I am about to complete 6 months within few days and gain only 3 kg. According to doctor everything is good, baby is growing healthy. Dont worry eat healthy food after 2 hrs for baby.


Not to worry so much as long as baby is ok ia fine. I didnt gain weight till after 20 weeks and i jist suddenly boom gain 22kg thru out 36 weeks pregnancy.

I only gained 2 kg throughout my pregnancy. Baby came out healthy. Dont worry mummy. As long as your baby is growing well nothing to worry about..