Hi again. Any mummies taken Duphaston? My gynae prescribed me this on my 2nd pregnancy & I forgot to ask him why. Im thinking if its my PCOS condition & scared it may weaken my womb. Cos during my 1st preg, he didnt prescribe me this. Any PCOS mummies who is or was pregnant & given this?

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Hi there. Im PCOS too. But given Duphaston is actually to strengthen the pregnancy. However not to worry cos PCOS mostly do not cause any problems to your pregnancy unless u have diabetes as well. As for me, unfortunately, i am PCOS and also got to know i have diabetes thus im under high risk. Please check whether do you have diabetes as PCOS mostly easily get diabetes. When i got pregnant , i took care of my sugar level thus doctor did not need to prescribe me Duphaston. I have miscarriage 3 times before this pregnancy and was given duphaston to strengthen(was not diagnose with diabetes yet) but it didnt turn out well. Take care mummy! All the best.

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3y ago

Thats good. Just relax and enjoy ur pregnancy. ❤

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Duphaston is used for threatened or recurrent miscarriages, dysfunctional bleeding, infertility, endometriosis etc. Do check with you gynae on your condition

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This is to stabilise your pregnancy. My gynae prescribed me throughout my 1st trimester.

Taken too. Is to strengthen the womb

It’s to stabilize your pregnancy.

Taken, for more stable pregnancy