How frequent do your gynae ask you to go back for the next visit?

Hello all mummy! Can I understand how frequent did your gynae would want you to go back for the next visit? I’m currently 8 weeks 5 days preg. As of now, i still having nausea and fatigue but I still consider myself doing fine. At the 3-5 weeks I do experienced tummy cramp almost every day.. Not sure if this is the reason my Dr prefer to check on me every 2 weeks? Or it’s because I’m still at 1st trimester? Thank you! 😊 #pregnancy #advicepls

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Super Mum

Hi mama and congratulations! I’m sure it’s just to ensure things are going well and you’re in the first trimester. The cramping for some women, is normal. Have you asked your gynae about the reason behind the frequency of the visits? I always encourage all my clients to ask if they have doubts. You should be able to speak with your gynae if you have questions or need to clarify or have a better understanding about something. If you can’t do this then I would ask you to reconsider your choice of gynae as this may be the cause of discomfort and anxiety when you’re in the delivery room. Of course, the decision is up to you :) Hope this helps.

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