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Hi there, Im still at my 7weeks pregnant and I would like to ask if I can eat spicy food or moderate during pregnant?

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In moderation, I guess. I didn't have issues with spicy food in my 1st trimester, I just couldn't really take meat due to the smell. 2nd trimester was fine. But when I got into 3rd trimester, I had diarrhea for days when I ate some spicy Thai food. So it depends on your body. I think for me, the pregnancy hormones made my guts more sensitive.

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during my 1st trimester I can't take any spicy food but during 3rd trimester no chilli padi I cannot. depend on individual and every pregnancy is different

Cause for me, I have sensitive stomach. so better to eat food that are not so "hurting" to the stomach. Tahan awhile, 1st tri will be over in a blink.

can, i at spicy food (chilli padi) almost every week until 2nd trimester but in moderation of course.. as in limit to once every 2 weeks or 1 week

i think it’s fine, just a little. pay attention to your body if you feel uncomfortable dont continue

moderate. i ate spicy food and always ended up in diarrhea. so i can only take mild spicy for now.

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in moderation..if best, please wait till you are in 2nd trimester when baby is more stable inside.

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Everything in moderation. During my 2nd pregnancy, I crave for spicy food.. 😂

I still eat spicy food too. in moderation.

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Everything in moderate amount is ok