Eat spicy during pregnancy

My mother in law say i shouldnt eat too much spicy food during pregnancy as it will cause rash to the baby in the womb. Anyone has experienced it? I eat spicy keropok as snacks, sometimes i eat my meal with chili sauce in moderate. I feel (a bit of) spicy food is the only thing can keep my food down though before the pregnancy i didnt like spicy food at all🥹

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Hello Tania there are many tell tales like this for mommies to follow proper healthy diet during pregnancy, if we are simply told not to eat spicy food as it is not healthy and may cause digestion problems we will not care to follow. But if it is told that it might affect the baby in some way then we will strictly follow it as the mother in you will not let baby suffer in any way, that's why during pregnancy and even during confinement they say a lot of things by relating to the baby so that mommies will take it seriously. You can eat mild spicy food now and then should not be a problem. If the spice level is higher you might get digestion problems, generally as months pass by your digestion will be poor already and more chances of acid reflux etc so eating spicy food will give you more such problems. Hope it helps

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I got the blamed by my mother for eating too much spicy food which causes reflux in my baby which I highly doubt that's the case la... Either way I was downing mala big spicy spamming the soup and wondering to myself why is it not spicy at all during then (I can't even take spicy as well before that). i believe everything in moderation should be fine!

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I ate spicy food everyday while I was pregnant. samyang in end of third tri. i think I even ate samyang 2-3 days before giving birth. my baby came out clean with no rashes, till now baby no rashes yet (never I hope!) but that’s my experience. not sure if other mummies experience baby with rashes with spicy food

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You can eat spicy but in moderation and not often. I do love to have it with cili padi kicap but when I pregnanct I cut down. Because it may cause stomach upset (which you never know), digestion issue to then lead to diarrhea and cause pregnancy to trigger.

spicy food in moderation cos scared cause indigestion for mummy. the old folks like to say spicy food cause this and that to BB cause of all the old wives' tales. just eat whatever makes us happy! happy mummy happy bbs!

I ate spicy once a week during preg, LO is fine.. its the heartburn or indigestion that will cause more discomfort.. just dont go overboard with the spiciness...

I ate very spicy food during my entire pregnancy (normally don't take spicy at all), no such issue.

Im in 17 week, ive been eating spicy my whole pregnancy (‘:

No issue to eat spicy, but not too much will be fine