Pregnant can eat spicy food?

Hi, may I know y pregnant cannot eat spicy food?

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Spicy food caused diarrhea for me too! Now that I know, I take it in moderation. So far, taking in moderation is okay and doesn't cause any diarrhea for me. But everyone is different, maybe you can try taking just a bit to see if you have any diarrhea or stomach issues.

Hello , my wife had spicy cravings throughout her pregnancy . She’s pregnant with our second child now , she will consume spicy food whenever she feel like it but in moderation . It’s okay to have chili or spicy food but remember , in moderation .

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I ate more spicy than usual during my pregnancy. Most food has to be accompanied with chilli or be spicier. Difficult to eat when not spicy... Gynae says it’s fine as long as not giving gastric issues.

I ate for every single meal. I cannot eat anything without chilli. But I think the reason behind is because of spice will irritates hence, they advise not to eat or eat in moderation.

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Can consume spicy food during pregnancy actually. It depends on whether ur tummy can take it or not. I also had spicy food during pregnancy but no issue for my case.

Can. Eat in moderation. When I eat too much spicy food, I'll feel uneasy. Depends on own body though. Drinking lots of plain water helps with the spice too :)

Spicy food may cause heartburn, which is usually a problem during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, but if you have no issues, feel free to indulge!

Am on my first trimester. Everytime I eat spicy food I had diarrhea. Even mild spicy. Just worry it will affect my baby. Should I stop?

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Because it directly affects on baby and also you may freel your stomach burning inside. Not recommend spicy food during pregnancy.

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Eat moderate I guess. You do not want to have heat burn later. When I ahd my 1st, I almost ate tome yum noodles soup twice a week.