Breastfeed Vs Exercise

Hi super moms there, my baby is 2 months almost 3 and fully breastfeed. Im wondering, is it possible for me to keep fit and get in shape back? Im thinking to go gym or swimming back but im scared my milk will stop or lesser. Any ideas? Or experiences?

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yassss pls. those exercise will expedite your shape really soon. it wont make your milk lesser or stop. just go mommy. our milk production depend on demand & supply from our baby. the more they feed, the more the milk will produce, or it will produce base on the baby's need. dont worry.

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For me, i dont have the strengh to go to gym as bf made me exhausted. i even loose weight more than before i was pregnant. Even I ate 2 plates of rice every meal! (yup i always hungry) I dont think by excercising will make your milk lesser but if u try to diet, yes it will.

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wow it's a very good thing to do, babe. as I know, new mom will get in the same body shape like before especially when they breastfeeding their baby. so no worries. I'm getting thinner and no time to go for exercise. good for you.

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same,fully bf dan berat makin turun tanpa pergi gym