11days old baby

i started giving my baby fm when she was 2days old as i was too stressful being pressured by my in laws saying my baby didn't get enough milk although she sleeps well after every feed (bm). now my milk production is quite well, but i exclusively pump and give my baby by bottle. on earlier days, she can still suckled directly from breast and bottle but other people keep on giving her fm thru bottle when im not around my baby. now she refuses direct feeding will scream if i try to give her directly. 1. is it okay for 11 days old baby that only latch on breast for less than 10 times in her life and exclusively pump for her? im trying to prevent people from giving my baby fm, in the same time she refuses direct feeding. 2. how can i introduce direct feeding back to my baby. i want my supply to be better. 3. now my in laws keep on pushing to give my baby direct feeding back instead of bottle-fed. this just add up my stress. im worry my milk supply will decrease. husband support me all way through and had my back every time in laws say something. but still stressing me up. they even tried to give my baby plain water. :( im staying because raya is coming and this is their first grandchild, just wanted them to be extra happy this raya but things are getting rough. what should i do now?

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Kalau nak dia hisap tek balik memang kena hentikan sekejap botol tu . Bagi dia kenal puting tek semula . Ibu kena pilih , kalau memang nak fully bf and ibu tak tinggal baby tak perlu bagi botol . Tapi kalau dia dah tak nak juga tapi nak bagi bm pump masuk botol je lah jalan last . Ibu kena tegas . Jangan bagi orang buat macam macam kat anak . Tu anak kita , ikut apa kita atur . Jangan bagi orang buat suka hati yang memandai kat anak kita

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