Nappy Rash

SOS mummies.. my baby has nappy rash.. quite bad. He doesn't let me touch. Started today. So i didn't use wipes. I washed his butt. He cries in pain. I dont have anything to apply for now to ease his pain. Any other remedies u guys can recommend?

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Hi. You can start to wash when changing diaper, instead of using wet wipes. It's cleaner and safer. Natural cleaning. I started to wash using tap water when my baby is 2mths. Jz sharing 🥰

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I’m using this.. & it’s so far very effective one. Normally when i Apply 1x overnight , next day no more..

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My son had this too. Polycinic, they gave Napitol & Zarin anti-fungal cream. Worked effectively. You can try too.

Hi ! The best way is change the diapers brand , if baby poop change it asap & apply tampoline .

I use Destin.. good for diaper rash.. pls try the blue one first as purple one is stronger

It looks quite bad , can try apply rash cream after every diaper change for now

Omg. Pls go see a paediatrician. They can give some special cream...

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Desitin Rapid Relief. Rashes all gone within 2-3 days

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U cn try sudocrem.. very effective for nappy rashes

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thanks so much for the prompt reply mummy

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Try using Desitin (purple colour tube)