Diaper rash

My newborn often has diaper rash even when I change his nappy regularly and whenever I hear him fart/poop (I’m a SAHM). Any solutions besides diaper rash cream and airing his butt? I’ve done both already.

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I used water and sterile cotton balls for the first 3 months, coupled with mustela barrier cream. I do used wet wipes to clean her pee and poo however whenever I can and if I’m an accessible to a tap, I will use water. It’s the most natural remedy and so far, Touch wood, both kids are ok with this method. Hope your kiddo’s condition will improve. If change of diaper cream and diapers still didn’t improve the condition, please seek doctor’s advice.

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my girl has sensitive butt I realized that the right diaper and diaper cream very important I've tried almost every brand diaper in the market what works was merries and rascals and friends. as for diaper cream the only one that works for her is qv cream. I've tried airing wash with water etc all doesn't works you might want to change the diaper to see if it can be solved.

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I washoff my baby with water and alil bit of baby soap. It is more hygienic tbh. Baby will feel fresher and more comfortable. All cream is jz to coverup the germs. Wiping is worst. You're jz spreading awae the germs. But of course for poo poo, i will wipe off the poo with wet wipes first and then wash it off with tap water and soap. You dowanna clog the sink😊

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Try changing the wet wipes...altho they say 99% water..most contain preservative... they sell dry wipes..which u can damp with water.. Also, can use clothes diapers when at hm...onli trouble is to wash.... most diapers r water resistance therefore its nt airy enuf...

I use water to wash her butt then wipe it with a cloth and air dry before putting a thin layer of diaper cream. I used desitin max strength until it gets better then I changed to the blue one for daily use.

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idk if u use wet wipes or water to clean your baby's bottom but water is a better choice. or probably u can keep trying out different diapers and/or diaper cream.😊

I tried a few different brands... But this is the one I using it and recover fast. You try this. No harm for trying. Other than that no use

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stop using the wet wipes, wash with warm water then air the butt. then u can put diaper rash cream.

Hi. Try wash it off with water instead of just wet wipes. Fresher and more hygienic.