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PD charges
Anyone know Dr Ong EK charges? Like the first time consultation charges and subsequent consultation charges? Thanx
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Usually range from $80-$120
sleep alot but still tired
Hi all mummies, I am in my w27/28 like that, but suddenly felt I need to sleep alot like that, like afternoon nap during weekend, I slept through like 3hrs and at night still able to sleep but wake up
I have been feeling so tired throughout the pregnancy, 18 weeks so far. No matter how much sleep i get
Yup growing a baby in our belly can be tiring. Just rest and sleep whenever you can.
Yes very normal
UV sterilizer or steamer?
Hi all mummies, Not sure if anyone ask before, but should I consider a UV sterilizer or a steamer sterilizer?
I prefer UV steriliser
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UV sterilizer is good and convenient
Haenim UV is really convenient!
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Use both would be the best
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UV! Steamer needs a lot of work...
Hospital to deliver
Hi all, Just want to check, which hospital is better, Mount A or Thomson?
Delivered at TMC. Goodies bag is great but rooms are quite small even single room. Best to go hospital tour :)
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I'm delivering at Thomson
Personally i prefer mt A... it will be best you go for hospital tour and see which u prefer. As everyone's expectation is diff
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Tmc since this yr goodie bag is good
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Thomson but both are good hospitals(: