Hi mummies, any remedy to treat nappy rash? My nephew gotten a red patch on his butt which we think is nappy rash. Please help as baby cry out loud in pain when we clean his butt. Thanks

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Use water to wash baby butt and then pat dry. Avoid using wipes when cleaning baby's butt as this can cause further abrasions. Apply Desitin (Blue is normal, Purple is stronger) sparingly that it absorbs into the skin. Too thick and the skin may not be able to breathe. Air baby's butt as often as possible. Change diapers when soiled.

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Pot of gold baby balm or tiny tree coconut balsam both works great and really fast for my boy when he had diaper rash, the vitamin E content in these 2 help with the really fast. If possibly wear nappy instead of diapers. If diaper try to change as often as possible - like 3hrly even if it is not very soiled

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Yes agree with the mummies above , wash with water , pat dry and air as much as possible , if at home try go diaperless . For me the purple destin work well for my lo , a thin layer will do . Ensure that we too wash our hand before and after apply :)

Yes Suzanne is right, wash with water, pat dry and air as much as possible. Other brands of diaper rash you may try such as himalaya and bepathen. Himalaya is natural nase, you can also try vasaline, coconut oil as well. Then again, to each its own.

Desitin works for my baby too

I swear by Coconut oil!