Nappy Rash

Hi mommies!! My lo is turning 5 months and I'm experiencing his first nappy rash! What is the cause of it normally? We change his diapers every 2 to 3 hours , before every feeding session. Have been using mamypoko from birth and no change in formula as well. He has started eating cerelac since he turned 4 month so i don't know if it's because of food that he's been having rashes. Any way to treat a nappy rash & how to avoid it in the future? Thanks in advance🥰

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Hi! I'd use Lucas Papaw Ointment for treatment of the diaper rash. Its natural ingredient and works wonders. For prevention, we've been using 3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream. Just got to apply a thin layer and it can last a few diaper change. So we only have to apply it about 3 times a day instead of every diaper change.

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Use diaper rash cream. We put on the cream each time we change his nappy. Never had a rash! Make sure you clean him properly. Best to wash with water and soap, especially when he poop, instead of just wiping with wet wipes!

You should use diaper cream every single time you change diaper for baby. Normally i will use wet wipes to clean away the diaper cream then i apply a new cream before wearing diaper

your can try this new diapers, made by bamboo fibre, the texture of the diapers is smooth

My little one just had a diaper rash too. I used Desitin and it works wonders. It treats the diaper rash while preventing it


use diaper cream I'm using qv diaper cream my girl has sensitive butt since birth. monitor is it due to diaper or poo.

Consider changing diaper brands! LO might not be suited for current brand. Don’t think it’s food

Try to use tampoline , nappy rashes and maybe try to change the diapers brand

For nappy rash, can apply nappy rash cream...

wash the bottom with soap and water