Nappy rash cream

Hi mummy, may I know what caused this. I'm not sure is this diaper rash. But she been using this brand for at least 6 months. From size S/M to size L Recently find out that she has this. She is wearing size L now. And anyone can recommend good nappy rash cream to me? She never use nappy rash cream before. And should I change to another brand of diaper? Can recommend me as well please. Thanks. #1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby #pleasehelp

Nappy rash cream
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u can use desitin nappy cream , also this redness is either ur bby is sensitive to the material of the diaper or it maybe too tight ,or the sides of the diaper actually caved in after wearing for a few hours

hi my baby girl is having the same kind of rashes! could u kindly share with me ur experience pls


i love desitin cream... can give it a try

Use cream. Drapolene? Or Ceradan?