Nappy rash

Hi mummies, how do I prevent my baby from getting nappy rash? I always change his diaper every hour but and apply with nappy rash cream however it doesn't seem to work any tip? #1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls

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have you considered that the diaper baby is using is causing the rash? if you’re using drapolene, you can keep using it IF baby is not reacting badly to it as well! also ensure the wipes used are suitable for baby’s skin! hope baby is fine x

3y ago

hi mummy, well I tried changing from the sticker diaper to the pants diaper but same brand it looks more comfortable for him and yes I'm using the nappy rash drapolene cream but there's still rashes. The baby wipes too I did changed a few brands but sadly it's still the same 😒

Change diaper brand, maybe not suitable for baby also dont always apply nappy rash cream it can make skin thinner. My daughter used Huggies from birth to 3 yrs old very rarely get rash

3y ago

❤❤take care