Husband Don't Love Son

One son and just born. It is heart broken that husband said he don't love son. My son cry he ignore he say he don't want him. He outside got girls I not say forgive but I can close one eye. All I want is to give my son a complete family. How? All I worried is my son.

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This gives me a feeling that your husband doesn't like children or he is not ready for a family with children. I hope that slowly when he see his son grow everyday, one day he will change to be more loving towards his son but do be prepared that he might not change at all. You will have to be the strong & independent Mama! I know saying is easier than done but with him around like this(plus woman outside).... Don't you think being a single mum might be better choice for you & your son? Having him around only gives you & your son more unhappiness & stress. A complete family might not be a healthy & happy family.

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Be strong and focus for your son. I myself a single mum. The father doesn't want him from the first time i told him im pregnant. I decided to keep my baby and be a single mother is not easy but now i know my life has purpose and i never regret it! Keep pray and be strong.

I think first and foremost, discuss this with your husband and understand what is his rationale behind it. All children are same for parents and all children need complete love which is very important when they grow up

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I understand u want to give ur son a complete family, but it takes 2 hands to clap. Talk to ur husband about it. Do seek help and support from family or even professional help (Eg: counselling) if needed.


How can you give your son a complete family when the dad is not joining? You need to think very hard: you will raise your son feeling alienated and unloved from his dad or you will choose another road?

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Don’t worry time solves the all problem.. just be strong u just give as much love possibly n make a great family bonding time in free time

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Worst advice ever. Time do not solve everything. In this case, he’s been cheating on her and you expect her to be patient? Lol.

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Talk it out, ok? Slowly :) I pray the best for your family, your son is going to have the love that he deserves.

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Best to have a good talk with your husband. So get support from your family and friends. Take care!

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All the best my dear, otherwise can consider having couple counselling

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u need to talk to him. find out the reason why he dislike son..