How many of your husband being unreasonable all the time? My son tends to wake up at a timing for feed usually is 2 am 4 am. But my stupid husband rant his anger on me, saying that he didn’t get much sleep and needs to work the next day. He say I can’t even coax my son well, every mid night we will quarrel infront of our son. I find it stupid, and have told him not to do so as it will influence our son, and it is so unhealthy. He doesn’t seem to care he said he is gonna continue. I really think that he is under some sort of depression. I don’t know what to do any more... (ps: we can’t communicate at all)

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Best to have a good talk with your husband outside. Go for a good dinner or something and trash it our once and for all. Seems like he's not prepared for fatherhood . Try Not to quarrel in front of your baby as it will not be good for his physical and emotional health

5y ago

I did tell him all these but he likes to do it. Even quarrel with his mum in front of baby. I feel that my son is v poor thing. I don’t know what to do to let him avoid rhis