My son breaks my heart

I am a single mum, can I check how single mum out there spent time with your child when there is house chores and other things to deal with. My son is going 3 y/o and recently he have been saying hurtful words. He would said " I don't want mama, I want papa and ahma" then he keep pushing me away. Usually he wasn't like this, we were so closed together and he is so clingy to me at all times. But recently I felt that my son and my relationship have drift apart. He no longer hug me or kiss me randomly. He will start screaming and cry out of sudden. He have been doing this since few weeks back, I am not sure is it speration anxiety. I don't know how to deal with it, I cried infront of him when he said that and started pushing me away.. I feels so pressured, I always lose my cool.. I tried discipline him when he did wrong things but I guess because of my wrong way of disciplining him was wrong he started to get frighten and don't want me. I doesn't want this to happen.. what should I do? 🥲

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Find a day and bring him out for a play date. Then when the time is right, ask him why he don’t want mummy. Knowing the real reasons make it easier to solve your son’s distance from you. Jiayou mummy! It may not be easy, but slowly and surely! ♥️

hi mummy, u're not alone my son is like this towards me as well.. fighting!! 💪🏻