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hi, recording to my LMP, i am 25w 4d by today.. but when i did my USG this morning, the scan shows my baby is about 27w with 837g weight.. my uterus also measured 27cm.. am my EDD gonna be changed?

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Sis saya pun tadi baru cek & jmpa doc buat kedua kalinya dlm sebulan..just nak confirm edd ngan my LNMP..kalau ikut saiz masa scan mula2 pun mmg 2w3d beza ngan kiraan last doc bag appointment lagi 2weeks utk scan lagi skali utk double confirm which is tadi la scan kali scan mmg tunjukkan saiz baby mmg 2w4d lbh besar banding kiraan ikut last doc tukar edd ikut scan..ini penting spya kiraan minggu utk kelahiran cukup matang..

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I asked my Dr the same thing cuz somewhere during my pregnancy journey, my EDD and USG shows a few days different. then I got scolded by my Dr lol... he said to always follow EDD and control food intake to ensure baby do not grow oversize and comes out earlier as baby need to have enough time to grow properly inside the womb to avoid complication after birth.

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edd is estimated delivery can come out early or overdue.ultrasound is also estimate.dont belive me,try go to other climic or use different ultrasound machine.the scan will be different on the length,weight and edd . dont stress urself. follow the edd at the front page(lmp) of ur pink book.

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sometimes ur edd won't be accurate if ur menstrual cycle is not stable. thats y dr ask.mine they ask if my lmp was correct because i gain too much and my belly was big for my week at that time.but now everything is big and heavy can be due to u having too much sugar.even wen u dont have diabetes.

to know the baby age in ultrasound scan can only be done in the first trimester.. which is between 7 to 12 weeks. The further along you get in pregnancy the less accurate the measurement..

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Basically kalau scan yg sebelum ni dah tunjukkn differ contohnya 2 minggu dari kiraan asal, so doc akan set satu lagi appointment dalam masa 15 hari untuk tengok consistency pengembangan janin kalau lepas 2minggu tu datang klinik lg skali utk scan dan scan masih consistent ngan beza pembesaran yg lebih kurang sama, automatically dia akan adjust edd tu..ini sgt penting ye utk pastikan bayi yg bakal lahir tu nanti full term atau katakan bayi lahir pada 34w (xcukup bulan) jika ikut kiraan edd, tapi kalau ikut tempoh sebenar bayi tu sebenarnya dah cukup bulan dan matang utk dilahirkan..jadi, doc memang akan amik kira beza kiraan minggu tu ye..

Edd asal da kna potong so ikut revised edd tu..

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selalunya dktr akn ikut Edd scan nanti