hai i am 6 weeks pregnant...

this is my second baby ..my first is just 2years old in march...i feel depressed right now .my husband doesn't want this baby..and i at another hand am happy to have this blessings...my problem now is my whole in law family is also against it making face to me..and saying tht I am rushing this...i am staying with inlaws and financial wise i am stable to support both my kids..i am 31 ..i have never heard that making children should be granted approval by inlaw....can anyone help me

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Tulis jawapan

If u can support the bb just carry on.U need to pray so all family members welcoming this new bb. Mil sometimes very fussy n don't like small children make noisy n they think they need to take care u after delivery a child.Hopefully ur husband will change his mind.Just pray