Tracking Ovulation

I have just had my period and is currently tracking my ovulation for ttc. i had the symptoms of ovulating like cramp, bloated and stretchy cervix mucus. but when i tested with the ovulation kit. it shows negative. i am so confused. my husband and i had 'intimate time' few days ago. not sure if that is the case why i am getting negative result? anyone with this experience?

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Sya pun mcm tu.. Ssh nak track ovulation.. Lgipun priod mmg xteratur.. 😅 Cuma sy ada cek dr private lah.. On clomid lps 14hari scan ade xtelur matang..kalau hrpkn guna opk strip mmg xpernah jmpa wktu subur.. Lagipun sya pernah di diagnos ada pcos..

5y ago

ohh.. period saya teratur. cuma sebulan lepas saya miscarriage. lepas habis darah nifas saya dah ovulate(test positive). cuma lepas period kali ni bila test saya dapat negative. saya ingat nak mencuba balik once ovulate. tapi test pula negative.