Really really can't stand my MIL. She always disagrees with me and makes me look stupid in front of my own kids and husband. How do you stand yours?

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Hello, This is the agony most women go through. I mean not getting along with their MIL. But, I think pinning you down and trying to make you look stupid in front of your kids is something that is a serious thing, because if kids look upto their grandmother then they perhaps would not respect you over the years. They can build an opinion that their mother is indeed foolish. I hope your husband is not a party to it! I think you must speak to your husband and tell him that if she doesn't like you and do not gel is fine, but she cannot look down upon you in front of the kids. Make him convey to his mother that she should behave in a decent manner with you as it doesn't matter who is elder or young, everyone deserves respect.

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so the thing is, you can stand her by STANDING UP to her...its as simple as that. it is one thing to misbehave with you, but when she does this in front of your kids and makes you look small, sorry, but you are giving her all the rights in the world. unless and until you stand up for your own respect, trust me, no one else will, and no one will respect you either. sounds crude, right? but i have been through this for 10 years myself, and finally, now that i have taken a stand and told them to back off and never talk bad about me in front of anyone, especially my kids, they have understood the message loud and clear. do it. tell them you will not tolerate any bad behaviour, be it through words or actions

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I do not think you should accept the behaviour of your MIL, especially if she makes you look stupid in front of your kids. You can talk straightaway to your mother and tell her that she has no right to behave badly with you. And even you can do the same but it is your good values that bind you. If she doesn't mend her ways, then let your husband talk to her and make her understand the right way to behave. Thankfully, my mother never pins me down infant of my kids. Though, we have differences and do not gel but there never comes this kind of behaviour from her.

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6y ago

My mil did the same as yours but like what Shruti shared I told her off nicely in front of my girls. Firstly, I want to teach my girls that she does not have to accept any inappropriate comments or behaviour from anyone just because they are more senior than us. We can be nice but firm about our stand at the same time.

i would have told you to try and be nice but the fact that she does this in front of your kids is unacceptable. tell your husband that you are having trouble dealing with her, and stop taking BS