How do you deal with it when your husband can't help fighting with you in front of your small kids?

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it takes two to fight, and if only one person is fighting, it will soon fizzle out. i would suggest that if he is angry and fighting, restrain yourself from reacting then. let him calm down and vent himself. you can talk to him later when he is fine, and tell him your side of things. talk to him nicely and explain to him again that shouting and fighting in front of the kids will impact them negatively, and you know he is good dad, so it is important that kids do not get stressed out like this. if nothing works, you should both visit a counselor

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I try to be in control of the conversation. As much as the situation allows, I do not exclude my child from the scene to make her feel like it is a usual chat only. I listen to my husband's rants because he does more of the talking. Afterwards, I calmly explain my side which will eventually result in us solving the problem. It is always best to raise the concern to your husband when you are both calm and in the right mood to talk about these things.

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For the sake of your child, never ever fall into it whenever your husband initiates fighting, Never get it into your nerves. When your husband is calmer, you can talk to him and explain everything. To compensate from what your kids have witnessed, shower each other with words of love so that the conflicts and confrontation won't stick to the kids' minds.

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First, take the high road. Never argue in front of your kids. Second is that you have to tell your husband that he shouldn't do that and explain why. He should be more than understanding because it does affect your child.

I try my best not to answer back in front of the children. I stay with my kids inside the room and wait for them to sleep before dealing with my husband.

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I will take a deep breath. Try to find someone to care for the kids if the husband insists of arguing and picking a fight. OR. i will just walk away.

I will tell my husband, The kids are here. I am not arguing with you now and i will walk away with my kids.

Have a "break" word that when one of you say it, you have to pause fighting.

I haven't been in such situation, but I think it's not ok for your child

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Tatahimik muna tsaka na lang itutuloy pag wala na yung anak namin.