Mother in law that competes with you

Wonder how I should handle my mil… she keep want to compete with me over my baby. Previously when she was temporarily staying with us, she was unhappy that baby sticks to me and even say it’s my fault and cause I have longer maternity leave. Now she has moved back but we visit her every weekend. Even my husband sees she will carry baby away and give me a look like compete with me. My hubby just jokes about it but it really makes me very uncomfortable. When it’s time to go back home, she also very reluctant to pass him back. Just makes me very uncomfortable. I even saw her kiss his lips once. When baby cries for me she also refused to pass him back. I really don’t like her but also don’t want to destroy the harmony in the family. But I really cannot stand her. She will let baby play with grapes and also put his hands in drawers. I am going crazy…#1stimemom #firstbaby

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I will first get my husband to talk to his mother, if that does not work then she will not see my baby until she learns that you’re the mother, there’s nothing to compete about. You can alternatively, send your husband alone to her place every weekends for her to look after her own kid while you and baby stay home or hang out with your family.

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I do understand you mum. I know it is really annoying. But I think it is better for you to talk with your husband and try to have a solution, He might be able to help you to express MIL about this.